About White Feather Tribal Services

Medical sovereignty for providers of native medical alternatives and sovereign memberships for patients seeking for health optimization and wellness.

What We Stand For

Security. White Feather is the cutting-edge consulting and tribal licensing firm, dedicated to providing comprehensive services to the Native Medicine Industry. With deep knowledge of the complexities of the Native Medicine Industry, our team of experts are equipped to help businesses navigate the legal, regulatory, and cultural landscape.

Our unwavering commitment is centered on elevating the quality of life for our members. We achieve this objective by fortifying their multifaceted strengths through educational initiatives, cultural engagement, and robust support systems.

Mission Statement

Our mission is straightforward: to establish a network of Functional Wellness and Brain Health Clinics tailored to all patients wanting to take advantage of proven natural remedies to treat modern problems. Diverging from the conventional disease-centric model of mainstream medicine, our expert physicians focus on Alternative and Native American medicine. Our approach encompasses various therapies, from nutrition to cannabis and psilocybin, all aimed at tackling common concerns like Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, and more, guiding you toward your best life now.