(KNSI) – A self-described tribal-based medical cannabis dispensary has opened in the old Ace Bar building in East St. Cloud after months of delay.

White Feather Essential Earth Elements President Doctor Allen S. Miller is a certified tribal healer with the Crow Nation and is bringing a new holistic approach to medicine to central Minnesota. “What we’ve done is combine native medicine and alternative health.”

Miller sat down with KNSI News before Tuesday’s opening and said their treatments are meant for people suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a host of other ailments.

Jake Judd/KNSI

He claims the facility is under the control of the Crow Nation, making it a sovereign territory and outside of the jurisdiction of the state, county, or city laws. Besides medical cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, Miller tells KNSI News he plans to offer other tribal traditions to heal the soul. “We’re going to be doing some ceremonies here with ayahuasca. That’s really a Native American thing, and it’s very, very spiritual. It opens up the brain to spirituality and being able to solve your own personal issues.”

He believes the ceremony wipes out the past so a person can go forward in their recovery.

During the facility’s soft opening this week, they will see walk-in patients in person or through telehealth to evaluate if their medicines are right for them. Miller explained that clients must sign up as private healthcare benefit members and pay a $139 annual fee. “They get a certificate. They’ll get a card as well. And they’ll be a member of this, and that way, under the federal laws, I can get them their products, and they’re safe.”

White Feather’s medical marijuana and all its other products are available for pick-up or can be mailed to a patient’s home.

Miller attempted to open the dispensary in February but was forced to abandon his plans after being threatened by the state with a $1 million-plus fine. The Office of Cannabis Management sent him a letter stating the only medicinal marijuana that is legal to buy in the state is from either Green Goods or Rise Dispensary. Any other businesses claiming to sell it are doing so illegally – sovereign nation or not.

Miller told KNSI News if the state tries to shut him down again, they’ll have a fight on their hands. “I know that our tribe is supporting us. And I know that if the state takes any action, the tribe is already teeing up to file injunctions in federal court faster than you can spend. We’re ready to go. We know we’re right. We know we’re doing the right thing. And the tribes teed up to go, period.”

The facility is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For more information, call 320-342-2220 or email info@whitefeathereee.com.